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Building a New Foundation



The SPX has broken out above the 877 Fibonacci retracement level. This is extremely bullish, and from a technical standpoint suggests the SPX is headed to 934. Closing above 877 is important and will confirm the suspected rally. I expect to see the DJIA test 9000 and the SPX to test 950 over the next couple of weeks. If the markets create support at the current levels, enough consolidation will have occurred to support a substantial rally in the near future. The talking heads on CNBC are finally catching on and have suggested the possibility of DOW 10k by the end of the summer. Please review my archived newsletter http://marketfallacy.com/newsletter/files/Market_Fallacy_%7C_4-7-09_%7C_Cautiously_Optimistic_2009-04-07.html, to see that I have been suggesting this possibility since April 7th, when the DJIA closed at 7790.

Here is one of the articles on CNBC’s website suggesting DOW 10k. http://www.cnbc.com/id/30478135¬†However, my reference is to the anchors on CNBC’s television show.